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Season 1 | Episode 1: Freedom x Commitment
the art of being free together

Freedom and commitment? Can those two concepts go possibly hand in hand? We think: absolutely yes and made 'Freedom x Commitment' our vision for great friendship. This first episode of 'about friendship' talks about how we keep each other close, about what freedom and commitment mean to us, and about why we think that friendships deserve new labels. At the same time this episode explains our backgrounds and tells the story of how we ended up making a movie about friendship "Together Free" together.  


In detail this episode will be about: 

✦ What it means to be free and committed at the same time

✦ How to turn friends into family 

✦ How friendships differentiate from romantic relationships

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our Podcast about friendship

Chatting, reflecting, and having fun while talking about the various areas of friendship - that is what you can look forward to when listening to our freshly released podcast “about friendship”.

After having shared a small apartment in Hamburg, Germany for 10 years we are now living on different continents. Yet, we have decided to stay best friends. Deep relationship need nurturing and time - which is easier when your best friend lives right next door but is even more of a challenge for far-distance-best-friendships. That’s why we started to reflect more on friendships: we want to know the secret of good and long-lasting friendships and how to stay close to each other. We ask ourselves why it is that we stay life-long connected with certain friends and with others we don’t. And why we don’t go to therapy with our friends if we are facing a bigger conflicts.

We believe that deep relationships are crucial for a fulfilled life and would love to think about that topic more.

"about friendship" is now available at your favourite podcast provider (so far in German language only)

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The two ladies holding a glass of wine in their hands derive from the artist Judith Clara and her one line art series “Frauen am Weinen”.

Thank you so much for making our logo extra pretty by implementing your beautiful art work!

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