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All Ages || Language: German (Original Version) & English || Subtitles: English & German || Format: Full-HD || Playing Time: 80 Minutes

in Theatres and on Demand

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Together Free premiered in March 2021 online and was played in open air movie theatres in Germany and Austria in summer 2021. Luckily, we were able to join most of these events and could enjoy inspiring discussions about friendship with you guys. Thank you so much for your support and warm words on our heart project! We were delighted to being able to share our ideas on friendship with so many people! 

The movie is now available on Kino on Demand on RTL GEO and on Netflix (for non-German speaking countries).

The soundtrack by amazing Lesley Kernochan is now available on Spotify or Apple Music. If you are looking for CDs or Vinyls you can go directly to the Label Shop.

We believe we can have it all. Together. and Free.

For ten years we shared a small apartment in Hamburg, Germany. After finishing school and moving out of our parents homes, we enjoyed the freedom of being university students in a big city. We laughed, cried, partied and studied together – and most importantly we got to know each other on a deep level. In these ten years we grew up and became independent women, but we also became inseparable friends. Before our individual paths lead us into different directions and we will soon live on different continents, we decide to go on a big trip together. Just the two of us. A trip that would give us time and leisure to think and reflect. And that would allow us to solely focus on us.

We wanted to do something that none of us had done before, a challenge – physically as well as mentally. So we chose to go on a four week long hike through the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal. Indeed, the calm and secluded setting of the mountains would allow us to think deeply about our friendship and about the importance of friendships in our lives. 

Now we share our thoughts on friendship and tell the story of our journey in form of our film Together Free. Together Free is a heartfelt ode to our friendship and to friendship itself.

the Journey

Our 28 day long backpacking trip lead us from the foothills of the Himalayas deep into the Sagarmatha National Park and to the base of Mount Everest. Starting in the small village of Shivalaya, we hiked for 9 to reach the entrance of the Sagarmatha National Park. After 6-8 hour long hiking days, we stayed in traditional, family-owned Tea Houses. In the National Park we then followed the “Three Passes Trail” that lead us across the high passes of the park, we climbed two peaks of over 5000m elevation and visited Mount Everest Basecamp. On the so called “Everest Highway” we hiked back to Lukla, the starting and ending point of most Everest Expeditions.

In preparation for the trip we quickly realised, that battery power was going to be an issue, since electricity wouldn't be available in every little village and solar powered charging is slow. We had to accept, that it would be hard to not only carry our own gear but also the film equipment including back up batteries, power banks and cables at the high elevation of the Everest National Park. We didn't like the idea of accepting help from a porter or a guide. In Nepal though we were told, that both professions have a long tradition in the Himalayas and still provide an important source of income especially for families living in the most remote mountain villages. So we decided to each carry our own gear but accept help from a porter and guide for the filming equipment.

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